How Can We Use Blogging to Minister?

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How Can We Use Blogging to Minister?

When I first felt God calling me toward starting a blog, I thought, “God, I’m no good at recipes. Or DIY home crafts. Or anything Pinterest-y.” And how can I use blogging to minister?

But God showed me I could use blogging as a ministry.

At first, I wasn’t really sure why. Or how, to be quite honest. But the more I researched this whole “blogging” thing, I realized that it’s the perfect opportunity to not only witness to those who haven’t accepted Jesus into their hearts, but it’s also a way to minister to like-minded believers. Through sharing testimonies, praying for one another, and offering sound advice I realized blogging is a great way to share Jesus.

How Can We Use Blogging to Minister?

How can we use blogging to minister?

  1. “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) – What better opportunity do we have than to preach the gospel now? Missionaries are able to travel a lot easier than back in Bible times. And with the internet, we can preach to anyone with an internet connection. Does this mean I think everyone can hear the gospel through a blog? No. But, if done right, someone could be reached by our positive words. By hearing about how much God loves, and how He loves through our past and our pain.
  2. By sharing our testimony, we are able to help others. And while my closest friends and family members know what God has brought me through, others may not. Somewhere, a woman may be walking where I was a year ago, or more. If we can reach one person by saying, “Hey, I’ve been there, and this is what God did for me” then that gives her hope. It lets her know that while it might not turn out like she wants it, God still loves her. And to know you are loved goes a long way.
  3. We are able to connect and pray for one another like never before. With blogging comes the opportunity for so many positive outlets in social media. You can start a Facebook group for Christian women and pray for one another. Bible studies, sharing of resources, and sharing of testimonies are just a few things you can do to connect online. Not everything related to social media has to be bad. I think we, as Christians, need to work harder to shine a light. And what better way than to bombard Facebook with positive things rather than the hate that’s on there now?
  4. We offer advice to those in need. Once you build a readership, they grow to trust you. So when you know what your audience struggles with, you’re able to offer them sound, Biblical advice and wisdom. And to do this you don’t necessarily need a “Christian” blog. Whatever topic you choose, you apply Jesus anywhere.

More Christians should take advantage of this opportunity.

Not everyone responds well to me. And, that’s okay. Maybe they respond to you.

If you feel the call to blog, at all, then there’s probably a reason. In the short time I’ve been doing this, I learned so much. I read my Bible more to study for post ideas. I connect with like-minded believers on a daily basis. If you think it’s hard, you’re right. But it’s doable. Pray about it!

Interested to know what I recommend to start your own blog? Check that out in this post. For Christian post ideas, check out this list of 100+ Post Ideas for Christian Bloggers.

And, of course, the best thing to do is PRAY about it 🙂

How Can We Use Blogging to Minister?

August 28, 2017
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