Start a Blog {On a Small Budget} – Informational Resources

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Start a Blog {On a Small Budget} - Informational Resources

In Start a Blog {On a Small Budget} I shared the very basic tools you’d need to get your blog up and running.

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But, let’s be honest: there’s a lot more to blogging than purchasing a domain name. So, in order for your baby blog to succeed, I wanted to share some small budget resources that have helped me tremendously. Keep in mind when buying courses and ebooks that the price tag does not always reflect the value. And, just because the title is catchy does not mean the product delivers. That said, here’s what I’ve found that actually worked (for me).

Start a Blog {On a Small Budget} - Informational Resources

Abby has an amazing course, Building a Framework that walks you step-by-step through getting your blog set up. Seriously, it’s amazing. And while the entire course has a hefty price tag at $97, you can also get just the ebook for $27. But before you get into all that, if you want to see if her stuff is really worth the money (and it is!) you can get the 10 Day Blogging Quickstart guide free.

One book that’s great for AFTER your blog is set up is Ruth Soukup’s book, How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul). Once you get set up, you’ll want this book to help walk you through the steps to monetizing. Hint: it’s not going to happen overnight. She tells you how to get your blog ready for all those readers you’ll get. And content is a HUGE part of that.

My hands-down favorite book for content creation was the One Hour Content Plan. Meera Kothand helps you to figure out specifically who you’re talking to, what you want to say, and how to plan a year’s worth of content ideas in a short amount of time. This book was, truly, a game changer for me.

You’ll want a good Blog Planner. Sarah Titus has one that might seem steep at $47, BUT it isn’t dated. You can print what you need and use it every year! (It’s awesome, by the way).

The 30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge is super helpful. Better than that, it’s FREE.

Suzi has a lot of resources on her blog. One book that walks you through starting a blog step-by-step is Blog By Number. She also has a lot of free resources if you sign up for her email, and she’s constantly emailing good information about blogging.

Simple Pin Media has an AWESOME {FREE!!} Pinterest Planner. Yes, it’s really free. Totally helps to amp up your Pinterest game, too.

Start a Blog {On a Small Budget} - Informational Resources

October 16, 2017
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