Why You Should Share Your Testimony

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Why You Should Share Your Testimony

I want my blog to be an online ministry. I want to reach others, share the gospel, and encourage women everywhere.

But God and I have different ideas on how that looks.

Why You Should Share Your Testimony

See, my plan was to write some inspirational posts. Posts with bible scriptures and deeper studies. Faith, love, and giving are what I really wanted to talk about. I wanted to share semi-personal stuff with you, my readers, but not TOO personal because this is, after all, the internet and the whole world can see what I write. What I want to share least of all is my testimony. To some, this might seem odd, but let me explain.

I do not have one of those testimonies where God delivered me from drugs and alcohol. Honestly, I can tell you my “experimenting” as a teenager did not leave me with a substance abuse addiction. I do not have some great testimony I can share about God healing my body from some medical anomaly that appeared without a cure.

My testimony is forgiveness.

If you read my Open Letter you would understand a small part of what I mean with a testimony of forgiveness. What makes sharing my testimony so hard is this: to share my testimony exposes deep scars left by those closest to me. The people who should love me unconditionally hurt me the most. The one person in my life biologically programmed to love me no matter what doesn’t.

I know this leaves with more questions than answers as far as my testimony goes. But here is what I want you to know: God loves you. And He knows right where you are at this moment, no matter how dire the circumstances. While it feels like He is a million miles away, when you come out on the other side of your journey, you will see He was really there all along.

I know God is with me. I know He was with me in those darkest moments when I felt alone and thought no one cared. While I could not see the big picture then coming out on the other side lets me know He has plans for me bigger than I could ever imagine.

This is not me sharing my testimony. God and I are still wrestling with that because I am not ready. I pray about it daily, because I know if my testimony helps one person it is worth it. Also, I do not want credit for what God did. I want Him to receive all the glory for all He has done.

If you feel the calling to share your testimony, then do it. We never know who needs that one story for encouragement. Social media and the internet are a great tool for sharing the gospel with others. Perhaps use Facebook for something besides “the scroll”. Talk about battles you fought, mountains you climbed, and what you face today. Someone might need that from you.

The best part about sharing your testimony? Our enemy hates it. He hates that God gets all the glory. To which I say, share on.

Instead of talking about the bad parts of life, let’s start talking about some good. You might be fighting now, but you won a victory already. If all we Christians do is talk about the difficulties, then why do non-Christians want what we have?

June 7, 2017
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