Does Your Prayer Life Need an Overhaul?

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Does Your Prayer Life Need an Overhaul?

I don’t normally get this personal when it comes to blog posts. Partially because of pride, and partially because of shame. But I just really feel like someone needs this, just as much as I did {do} in our current situation.

I’ve talked some about our debt, and giving God the glory for my husband’s promotion. But, in trying to fix our debt and get on the right path, we fell behind with other payments. Way behind. I wish I could tell you that his promotion came with a huge raise and our financial woes went away. I also wish I could tell you our debt was gone. I can say neither.

The truth is this: I’m a stress shopper. And while I’m a lot better than I used to be, I still spend money I shouldn’t spend. And Christmas, there’s that. And my husband’s truck needed work. As did my van. Oh, and medical bills, because I’m pregnant with baby #3 and whatnot. Everything costs money, y’all, and a lot of it.

Fridays mean payday. And paying bills. I don’t mind telling you I cry almost every Friday because the phrase “too much month at the end of the money” echoes in my head constantly. There’s never enough.

I hate admitting this to you, but usually what gets cut is tithes. Because it comes down to tithes or groceries, and I’m ashamed to say there have been a few weeks when I didn’t tithe. One day I decided I’d had enough of doing it on my own. I mean, husband and I are a team but he doesn’t know what to do either.

Does Your Prayer Life Need an Overhaul?

Prayer oftentimes is a last resort when it should be our first line of defense.

I started to pray about our finances but felt guilty. How can I ask God to help me get out of this mess I’ve made of our money? Why should He help me, when essentially I’ve been robbing Him of what belongs to Him in the first place? So I started the best way I knew how, and that was to say, “God, I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry I’ve not been a good steward, sorry I’ve sinned, sorry I’ve let my family down.

But my prayer never really developed from that. I never really got any further than to ask forgiveness, but not so far as to ask what to do about it. I know God CAN help me, my question is WILL He? Is He willing to help me when I’ve caused this?

Sometimes we find inspiration in the least likely places.

I recently delved into the world of Young Living, and one of the leaders wrote books to help launch the business side of things. She has a website where she offers free resources and sells products as well. On her site, she had a tab called “The Moses Blessing“.

Now, let me just interject here I’m not a “prosperity gospel” kind of gal, nor do I think God wants us all to be rich. So at first glance, I thought this might be what her post was about. But it wasn’t. Her personal prayer and story of poverty to where she is now totally opened my eyes. Not to pray for money, but to pray to God fervently and diligently. Specifically.

Does your prayer life need an overhaul?

Don’t get me wrong, God knows our needs. But ask yourself:

  • Do your prayers give God thanks, and worship Him for who He is?
  • Are your prayers specific?
  • Do you ask for God’s will and guidance?
  • Are you willing to accept the answer, even if it’s not how you want or expect?
  • Have you spent time with Him in His word?

While I put “you” in these questions, they’re really for me.

I have faith in God, but I’ve not been putting faith to action (James 2:14-26). And while I might pray for help with our financial situation, I haven’t been doing much to help get us out of it.

What is it you’ve been praying for without results or peace? Could it be that maybe your prayer life needs an overhaul?


December 24, 2017
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