Pop Tart Prayers

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Pop Tart Prayers

I have this two-year-old little boy. Apparently, he hates sleep. Instead, he likes to wake up at about 6:00 am, come to my bedroom, rub his little eyes with his chubby hands and say, “Mommy, I want pop-art [Pop Tart]”. I tend to give in because it’s 6:00 am and I really don’t feel like hearing him scream & pitch a fit about junk for breakfast (bad mommy, I know). I have access to all the free, free-range chicken eggs I can get. So I could make him eggs for breakfast. Something my Dad has scolded me for. But no, I give him the pop art and thirty minutes later he’s asking for another.

Pop Tart Prayers

One day we ran out of  pop arts. And, as usual, I woke up to, “Mommy, I want pop art.” So I got up and made eggs and ham. The entire time, my little one cried in the floor asking for his usual pop art. I explained we didn’t have any, that I was cooking breakfast. Told him what we were having was much better than pop arts. No matter what I said, he still cried, begging for a pop art. I knew what he needed: food. He was hungry. Also, I know what he wanted: a starchy, sugary breakfast. But I was trying to provide him with what he needed instead of what he wanted. Opening a wrapper is must fast than cooking a meal. I know that. He doesn’t necessarily understand. He just knows he’s hungry. And pop arts happen now.

This made me think: how many times do we beg God for “pop arts” when He’s working on cooking breakfast?

How many times do we pray for the quick & easy fix when He’s working on what we actually need?

We ask – we B E G – God. Beg for the simplest, easiest, and quickest solution to our need. When we face a problem, we don’t always see the reason. Often, we just know the pain needs to end, and quickly. For me, I just ask God to send me a big fat check (hear me out). We have this enormous mound of debt that seems to get bigger and bigger and is never ending. So, to me, the easiest way to fix that is for God to move someone with millions of dollars to send me a check to pay off our debt. Right? I mean, if they have millions they won’t miss it. And, after all, He’s God. He could do it if He wanted to. Jesus made money appear in the mouth of a fish (Matthew 17:27) so why can’t someone send me a big BIG check?

If I’m honest with myself I know God doesn’t send me a big fat check because the bigger problem of our credit card debt is my spending habits. And I had to learn to turn to God rather than retail therapy (yes, it’s a real thing). So, sure, He could send me a big fat check. But without that debt, those huge minimum payments, would I still turn to Him? Or would I go back to spending to help with stress?

He knows what His plan is. We cannot see the future, but He can, therefore He knows what we need. While we beg for something quick and easy, He’s working on something else. Maybe not exactly what we wanted, but exactly what we needed.

Sometimes, He allows us the quick easy fix. I mean, I can’t blame Him. I’d get tired of hearing me whine and cry, too. And I think sometimes He gives us what we want to let us learn. But whatever the reason, He allows the quick fix. So we think it’s better, and it is. Temporarily. Then we need more. We need more because what we thought we wanted isn’t really enough. Though it takes a lot of time, we need to realize that no amount of a quick fix can amount to what He can do when we allow Him to move in our lives.

He knows our every need. Knows what will really soothe and heal, rather than what covers up the pain. He works diligently behind the scenes. This means he might not answer quickly, or even when we think He should. It might take more time than we think it should. This doesn’t mean we sit and cry, and throw down, wanting Him to give us something we think we need. Rather, we should be patient. We should wait for Him to finish what He’s working on, and accept that He knows best.

Stop begging God for pop arts when He’s cooking eggs and bacon for you.

June 26, 2017
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