What You Need to Make Your Own Essential Oil Jewelry

So you’re into the essential oils, but know that not all of your friends and family share your zeal. And, let’s be perfectly honest: you want to incorporate the oils into your gift giving so that others gain interest. Right? Have you considered thinking outside the box, and wondered what you need to make your own essential oil jewelry?

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to make essential oil jewelry. It’s simple, cost-efficient, and can be quite addictive. Said the girl with the addictive personality, so take that last statement with a grain of salt. There are many kinds of jewelry you can make, my favorite being necklaces. But you can also do bracelets, earrings, etc.

How does essential oil jewelry work? Glad you asked. You use a medium to hold the oils, making it possible for the wearer to inhale the oil all day. The two I’ve used are lava beads and felt pads. Lava beads need to be uncoated and unwaxed to make sure they absorb the oil. The felt pads fit into lockets. The oil stays on the pad or bead for a day or so, and really is up to the person wearing as to how strong they want the oil to be. I suggest making your own piece of jewelry first to see how you like it and how it works.

What You Need to Make Your Own Essential Oil Jewelry

Cage Necklaces

Lava Beads (colored)

Necklaces with Cage

Probably the simplest, cheapest necklaces to make are the ones with cages. You can purchase the necklace chain and cage from Amazon, and all you do is pop a lava bead in that bad boy and you’re done. Just that simple!

DIY essential oil cage necklaces

Lava Bead Bar Necklaces

Lava Beads (black)

Necklace chain


Jump Rings 


If you want to make a necklace with the lava beads, it’s a little more involved but nothing you can’t handle! Head on over to Amazon and grab the supplies, and start making those bad boys! You might want to check out Pinterest for design ideas or try to mimic your own favorite pieces.

Side note about these lava beads: they have a waxy coating on them which is not conducive to absorbing essential oil. But don’t fret! Just stick them in a boiler, cover them real good with water, bring them to a boil. It gets that coating off. Good to go!

DIY lava bead essential oil bar necklace

Locket Diffuser Necklaces


Felt Pads (to put in lockets)

Jump Rings 

Charms (optional)


DIY essential oil diffuser necklace locket

To make the locket style necklace, you’ll use a locket and felt pad instead of lava beads.

Stackable Stretch Cord Bracelets

Stretch Cord

Beads (for bracelets)

Lava Beads (black)

Lava Beads (colored)

To make the stretch stack bracelets, cut your cord about 8″-9″. Then string beads to fit your wrist. Or, if for someone else, they say the standard measure is 7″. So string your beads to 7″, then tie a knot in the cord 3 or 4 times. Cut off the excess. I like to put it on, stretch it some to make sure it doesn’t come apart. Just that easy!

DIY stretch stackable diffuser bracelets

Giving jewelry as gifts (or even just wearing it!) is a great way to open the door to talk about your love of oils. And, if you’ve not yet started earning money from selling oils – YOU NEED TO! – you can start that by joining Young Living. If you’re not sure that’s something you want to do and want more information, drop a comment or email me {jillian@plentyofgrace.com} and I’d be glad to assist you 🙂

Curious about how you can make money with essential oils? Check out THIS post.

If you don’t feel like making your own jewelry, don’t fret. You can buy some from my Etsy store, Plenty of Grace.
December 7, 2017
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