God Is Good

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God Is Good

You know you grew up in church when you hear “God is good” and you respond “all the time”.

As an adult, I learn more every day just how good God is, and how on time He is.

God Is Good

When you have two small children, and no degree, working outside the home is pointless. We did the math and I would be away from home 50 hours a week (including drive time) to bring in about $200/month. So not worth it. What this also means is we depend on Husband’s income to pay the bills. Anything extra I can bring in helps, but since most of it is inconsistent we budget with his alone.

Working for a vending company in a tourist area means paychecks are seasonal. In warm spring and hot summer months, people buy a lot of drinks (soda and water and whatnot, y’all). I guess in the winter people aren’t as thirsty and drink less. Or, more likely, all the people from up north went home and all us natives make our own sweet tea. What this means for paychecks is summertime is like PAYDAY!! and winter checks are like oh, wow, payday, how far can we stretch this…?

We are scraping by this winter. Spring break hasn’t really hit yet, so checks are getting a little bigger, but nothing like summer checks that pull us through. And it’s been a long winter. Pinching pennies, eating on a budget, trying to make ends meet. I never understood what my parents meant when they said they robbed Peter to pay Paul, but I get it now. Adulting is hard.

Just when you can’t figure out how to rob Peter anymore, just when all the juggling of the bills catches up with you, just when those grace periods run out, that’s where God is.

As I sit at the computer, reading an email about a “missed payment” (they’re being nice, it wasn’t missed, it just wasn’t made) husband calls to say he got the promotion at work. He doesn’t know this, but tears rolled down my cheeks as he told me about the raise he gets. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

Yes, my husband works hard at his job, and yes, he deserved the promotion. No, I am not biased. That was a lie. Yes, I am. But he really deserved it. He works hard and does a good job and he has been rewarded for that, I am not oblivious to that. I give God the glory because He knew just when we needed a little extra. He made a way.

I think at the end of my rope is where I find Him. When the rope ends, God knows you either hold on a little longer trying to do it on your own, or you let go and let God. I let God. I gave him our finances because they’re in His hands. Trusting in God means  I know I cannot do it alone. When I acknowledge I need Him, He finds me and lifts me up. When He controls my life, I rest easier.

Whatever your struggle is, God will meet you there. When you give up, give it to Him. God’s got this.

June 7, 2017
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