How You Can Get Started in Prayer

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How You Can Get Started in Prayer

You know you’re supposed to pray. And you know you should pray more than you do.

But sometimes you feel lost.

Where to start? And what to pray, exactly? Do prayers need to all be spoken out loud, or do the short, “Lord, help me” prayers said silently count? And how did Paul manage to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)?

I know in my own life I should pray so much more than I do. It’s not that I don’t believe prayer works. Or I don’t want to. I do not believe in my worthiness to pray. And I do not know how.

How You Can Get Started in Prayer

How can you be raised in church and not know how to pray?

I’m not so sure. Possibly because we all assume the other knows how. Maybe because we so flippantly say, “I’ll pray for you” for all the trials of life. Most likely we do not admit it due to embarrassment.

To have a closer relationship with God, we have to communicate with God. And I didn’t want to be disrespectful in my prayer time (yo, God, what’s up?) but I also didn’t want to be so religious my prayers were inefficient (Oh, Lord, hear my beautiful eloquent prayer…).

Obviously, the Bible is the best place to go for instruction on spiritual matters. But sometimes God uses people to get His point across. And I’ve come across some resources that helped me with my prayer time.

So if you feel like you need help with your prayer game, there are a few things I suggest.

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Prayer Tips:

  1. Okay, this is not a resource, but the first thing is to P R A Y. That’s right. Just start somewhere. Ask God to help lead and guide you in the things you should pray for. He says His Holy Spirit will help, so ask (Romans 8:26). And don’t get so caught up in doing research that you don’t put what you learn into practice. {Okay, maybe that last sentence was for me…}
  2. Read the Bible. Yes, another simple one. But here’s the thing: sometimes simple is best. So pray and ask God to help you, then pick up your Bible and read it. Use The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) as a guide.
  3. The Power of a Praying books are awesome. Why? She shares her own stories and uses scripture to help remind us of God’s power and how He can use us. Prayer Warrior is actually one of my favorite books. All soldiers need training, and this book certainly helped remind me of my purpose and what God can do.
  4. The Circle Maker. Not going to lie, I thought this might be one of those “name it, claim it” kind of books that talk about how much money you can get from God. But it’s really not. God’s not our personal genie, but when we focus our prayers and ask God for things which are His will, amazing things happen. He wants to answer our prayers.
  5. War Room – if you’ve not seen this movie, buy it today. Seriously. Buy it, rent it, borrow it… whatever you need to do but you need to watch this movie. This movie reminded me of the power of God. And made me cry {and shout!}.

How You Can Get Started in Prayer

Prayer isn’t about getting something from God.

What prayer does is draw us closer to God. And when we see those requests answered, our faith strengthens.

If you’re not sure where to start, then just do it. Simply ask God to help you. The only wrong way to pray is to not pray at all. A simple offering of thanks, asking of forgiveness, and submitting to His will is the most basic of prayers but when your heart is in the right place it’s better than 30 minutes of vain repetition (Matthew 6:7).

February 7, 2018
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