Figuring Out Your Calling As a Wife & Mother {Titus 2}

Figuring Out Your Calling As a Wife & Mother {Titus 2}

Fulfilling Your Role

Now that you’ve seen a simple breakdown of Titus 2, the lady in Proverbs 31 doesn’t seem so intimidating, does she? But that does’t mean that figuring out your calling as a wife & mother is easy.

She didn’t host weekly Bible studies or try to organize a homeschool co-op. Her Pinterest boards – seriously? No. She looked after her home. She was diligent, hard-working, and she loved The Lord. Her life was one of humility and service to her family.

Ruth did not give up. When her husband died, she chose to stay with Naomi and follow a God she knew loved her. She was persistent, loyal, and hard-working. She served others with a grateful heart.

Esther wasn’t a queen who ruled because of her education or job history. God showed her favor and placed her so that her people would not be slaughtered.

The overarching theme is this: the women who love God, serve others, and are persistent are those who fulfill their calling.

Your role might not be that of a queen, but to your family you are. One day, when your children rise and call you blessed you’ll know it was all worth it. Worth the long days, longer nights.

Not now, but one day you’ll see that all the effort it took to turn away from the world paid off. That Jesus stood behind every promise He made.

What about the meantime?

Figuring Out Your Calling As a Wife & Mother {Titus 2}


What has God called you for, now, in this season?

Sweet sister, I think that the here and now is a time for us women to step it up. We are the ones who need to be on our knees in prayer and dressed for battle facing the enemy.

Your husband needs your prayers now more than ever. While he stands to guard you, he’s taking fiery darts from the enemy. He’s hit with lust, temptation, doubt, fear – everything that makes a man want to buckle. You know your husband better than anyone. What is it he struggles with? What has the enemy thrown at him?

Submit to your husband, and pray for him, because if he falls that’s more burden for you. That’s less protection for your family. Read your Bible together, find a couple’s devotional, go to church. But you have to stay close to God and make sure your husband is covered in prayers.

Pray for your babies (young or old!). The enemy knows the quickest way to get to a mama is through her babies. I know that’s the quickest way to get me fired up! Pray for them, mama, they need you. They need your prayers. They need to see you living the life of Christ and have that modeled before them. We can’t teach what we don’t know, and living a life that’s pleasing to God is the best way to teach it to our children.

Study your Bible. Get close to Jesus.

Because, if you’re reading this and hoping I can help you figure out your calling, chances are you are not on stage singing or playing an instrument.

You might not be teaching a class, nor do you feel led to.

It might seem as though you are not doing anything to serve the Lord or to fulfill your role.

If that’s the case, get closer to God. I’m not telling you He will guide you on a path that gives you a big name, or a prestigious job, or makes you famous. You might not ever have a degree, or make a lot of money. But you might be the woman who raises a great, mighty man of God. You might be raising the woman who reaches thousands of people for Christ.

The truth is this: no job is insignificant in God’s eyes. We are all His children, and He loves one no more than the other. We just have different roles to fill. I will talk to people you never come into contact with, and vice versa. We won’t all write powerful song lyrics, or motivational books, or teach.

That does not mean you are insignificant or do not play an important part. We cannot let the lies of the enemy cloud our thoughts. We cannot believe the lie that if we aren’t famous, we haven’t accomplished something. Your prayers change lives.

So pray them! Do not walk in self-defeat. Stop buying into the lie that you are not enough. None of us are, but God. God made a way when He sent His son to die for us. So if “all” He asks us to do is pray, then we need to do so with a willing and obedient heart.

For some of us, being a wife and mother is the greatest blessing we could ever receive. The greatest thing you can do is to serve your family.

November 6, 2017
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