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Below is the list of guidelines for leaving comments on the Plenty of Grace website. I wholeheartedly welcome your thoughtful, insightful and clean comments. There are, however, a few restrictions and not abiding by these will get your comment removed. This is, after all, my website and I want it clean and nice. And pretty.

I welcome comments, but NO SPAM. I have a spam guard in place that catches most, but not all. Anything not caught by the filter I delete myself. Not cool.

NO PROFANITY. Ever. This is a conservative Christian website, and while you are free to speak however you wish, it is not welcome on this web page. Let’s keep it clean.

No mean, nasty, hurtful or derogatory comments toward me, any guest poster, or other commenters. A difference of opinion is fine but there’ll be no arguing or rudeness. Your comment will be deleted.

No external links to profane websites. Don’t even try it.

You can link to your own site, or the website of another if the link is relevant to the post or conversation in the comments. But please do not use my page for free advertising. This is not cool and will not be tolerated.

You may use your own signature in your comment. But please leave the name space for your name, not a link.

I reserve the right to change or alter this comment policy at my own discretion.

June 10, 2017
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