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The Titus 2 Series

    Figuring Out Your Calling As a Wife & Mother {Titus 2}

    Figuring Out Your Calling As a Wife & Mother {Titus 2}

    Fulfilling Your Role

    Now that you’ve seen a simple breakdown of Titus 2, the lady in Proverbs 31 doesn’t seem so intimidating, does she? But that does’t mean that figuring out your calling as a wife & mother is easy.

    She didn’t host weekly Bible studies or try to organize a homeschool co-op. Her Pinterest boards – seriously? No. She looked after her home. She was diligent, hard-working, and she loved The Lord. Her life was one of humility and service to her family.

    Ruth did not give up. When her husband died, she chose to stay with Naomi and follow a God she knew loved her. She was persistent, loyal, and hard-working. She served others with a grateful heart.

    Esther wasn’t a queen who ruled because of her education or job history. God showed her favor and placed her so that her people would not be slaughtered.

    The overarching theme is this: the women who love God, serve others, and are persistent are those who fulfill their calling.

    Your role might not be that of a queen, but to your family you are. One day, when your children rise and call you blessed you’ll know it was all worth it. Worth the long days, longer nights.

    Not now, but one day you’ll see that all the effort it took to turn away from the world paid off. That Jesus stood behind every promise He made.

    What about the meantime?

    Figuring Out Your Calling As a Wife & Mother {Titus 2}


    What has God called you for, now, in this season?

    Sweet sister, I think that the here and now is a time for us women to step it up. We are the ones who need to be on our knees in prayer and dressed for battle facing the enemy.

    Your husband needs your prayers now more than ever. While he stands to guard you, he’s taking fiery darts from the enemy. He’s hit with lust, temptation, doubt, fear – everything that makes a man want to buckle. You know your husband better than anyone. What is it he struggles with? What has the enemy thrown at him?

    Submit to your husband, and pray for him, because if he falls that’s more burden for you. That’s less protection for your family. Read your Bible together, find a couple’s devotional, go to church. But you have to stay close to God and make sure your husband is covered in prayers.

    Pray for your babies (young or old!). The enemy knows the quickest way to get to a mama is through her babies. I know that’s the quickest way to get me fired up! Pray for them, mama, they need you. They need your prayers. They need to see you living the life of Christ and have that modeled before them. We can’t teach what we don’t know, and living a life that’s pleasing to God is the best way to teach it to our children.

    Study your Bible. Get close to Jesus.

    Because, if you’re reading this and hoping I can help you figure out your calling, chances are you are not on stage singing or playing an instrument.

    You might not be teaching a class, nor do you feel led to.

    It might seem as though you are not doing anything to serve the Lord or to fulfill your role.

    If that’s the case, get closer to God. I’m not telling you He will guide you on a path that gives you a big name, or a prestigious job, or makes you famous. You might not ever have a degree, or make a lot of money. But you might be the woman who raises a great, mighty man of God. You might be raising the woman who reaches thousands of people for Christ.

    The truth is this: no job is insignificant in God’s eyes. We are all His children, and He loves one no more than the other. We just have different roles to fill. I will talk to people you never come into contact with, and vice versa. We won’t all write powerful song lyrics, or motivational books, or teach.

    That does not mean you are insignificant or do not play an important part. We cannot let the lies of the enemy cloud our thoughts. We cannot believe the lie that if we aren’t famous, we haven’t accomplished something. Your prayers change lives.

    So pray them! Do not walk in self-defeat. Stop buying into the lie that you are not enough. None of us are, but God. God made a way when He sent His son to die for us. So if “all” He asks us to do is pray, then we need to do so with a willing and obedient heart.

    For some of us, being a wife and mother is the greatest blessing we could ever receive. The greatest thing you can do is to serve your family.

    November 6, 2017

    Leave the World, Love Jesus {Titus 2}

    Leave the World, Love Jesus {Titus 2}

    Leave the World, Look for Jesus

    “instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus,” (Titus 2:12-13 NASB)

    Ungodliness is just about everywhere you turn today. Sin runs rampant, out in the open. We have to explain things to our children I’d never imagined when I was their age. People are offended at the mention of God, yet profanity flows from their mouth like water.

    Worldly desires (lusts in KJV) are so easy to come by now. But we don’t market such as “lusts” or even “worldly”. We give titles like “adult” and “mature”. I think, somehow, it soothes the conscious a little. Makes people feel a little less dirty.

    Then again, I’m not even sure some people have a conscious. I know that sounds terrible, but with everything going on in our world I don’t know how they can.

    Leave the World, Love Jesus {Titus 2}

    “Live sensibly, righteously, and godly” – that seems impossible.

    As long as we live in this world, having this physical body to contend with, this will be a struggle. But we must. We must live for God, and strive with everything within us to search for Him.

    The more you deny the flesh and cling to Jesus, the more you fast and pray, the more you step into your calling, the easier it becomes to search for Him. When you develop that deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus, the more you yearn to be with Him. That’s when we start to find what pleases Him, then do it.

    I find that the more I delve into God’s word, and the more I understand just how much Jesus really loves me, I search for Him more. Yes, I love my family. And there’s a mama part of me that wants to see my boys grow up and have families of their own. Then there’s the mama part of me whose heart breaks because I cannot imagine what this world will be like when they have children of their own.

    I’ve come to understand that it takes immense love to die for a people who are ungrateful for your sacrifice.

    Because while I’d die for my children, I can’t say that I’d die for the world. And I pray I never have to choose saving other people or my child. People don’t deserve it. But God loves us so much that He thinks we’re worth it. And I want to meet Him. I want to see Him, to worship Him eternally.

    Every day I see evil, I worry about going into public with my children, when I watch the news I look for that blessed hope. Because I know My Savior is coming back for me. He told me He would, and I know He will.

    Leave the World, Love Jesus {Titus 2}

    We have that blessed hope.

    “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;” (Hebrews 6:19)

    Hope anchors our soul. And the amazing thing is our souls aren’t anchored to anything temporal, fleeting, or worldly. Our souls are anchored in Jesus. Jesus went ahead of us and is our hope. That blessed hope that we can cling to in times like these when everything around us is uncertain. We don’t need certainty in this world, we just need Jesus. We have to leave the world and love Jesus.

    Take this world, and give me Jesus.

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    October 30, 2017

    Loving Your Children {Titus 2}

    Loving Your Children {Titus 2}

    To love your children means more than supplying them with material gifts.


    Our society has shifted the focus of love. It’s no longer about a deep emotional connection. About doing what’s best. About correction, discipline, instruction.

    First and foremost, Christian mama, is to remember that our goals are not aligned with the goals of everyone else. Raising boys to be Christian men is something totally different than raising a man to be wealthy. Raising little girls to be servants of Jesus looks different than a college education and a life without a family.

    The goals we have for our children look different than those of the world. What we hope our children do with their lives is different. Even down to aligning with their genetic makeup is different for us Christians.

    Proverbs 3:12 and Hebrews 12:5-11 speak of The Father correcting those He loves. Correcting our children doesn’t mean we hate them. It means we love them. And we love them enough to correct wrong behavior. Because we understand our goal is to raise them to be God fearing adults. To love The Lord, and serve them because they want to. Our children should be respectful and obey their parents.

    I can almost hear the comments of some, as they speak harshly against “beating your children”. Which, for the record, is not at all what I’m suggesting. And I have no tolerance for such.

    Loving Your Children {Titus 2}

    To love our children is to correct them when they’re wrong. And while some behaviors might seem cute as small children, it’s not cute when they’re teenagers. Let alone adults.

    Have you ever prayed about something, so fervently, so effectually, so faithfully, just to get a resounding “NO” from God? What did you learn from that? That He hated you?

    Chances are that’s not the case. He probably didn’t say no without a good reason. In fact, there was probably a really good reason, and He provided you with something better than you could have imagined.

    ”If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” (Matthew 7:11)

    He gives us good things, and as our Heavenly Father, knows what we need. Don’t we, as parents, do what we feel is best for our children? And sometimes, the answer to what they want should be, simply, no. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Hear me – you can tell your children no and still love them.

    As parents, it’s often necessary to set boundaries and limits. That’s perfectly fine. In a society where anything goes, we certainly need a few people to stand up and say something. And we have to teach our children that. In order to teach them, we have to set an example. Though not popular, remember loving our children is actually what’s important. Not the status we receive from others.

    Loving your children is more than fulfilling their needs when they’re young.

    Especially us mothers, we think that our job is to rush to meet our children’s demands. A newborn infant triggers a response in a mother like no other. However, we need to keep in mind our goal is raising responsible adults, not just meeting needs of children.

    “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

    We’ve all heard this verse before. And what it means is simply this: train up your child to use his talents, to be what he’s supposed to be, to fulfill his purpose.

    Often it’s attributed to bringing them up in church, which is certainly important. But it’s more than that. We also have to raise them in a way that they’ll be what they’re supposed to be when they’re older.

    Loving your children involves wanting the best for them. Now, when they’re adults, and where they spend eternity.

    Just as we are to pray for our husbands, we should also cover our children in prayer. And know that ultimately they belong to God. He takes better care of them than we ever could, and when we realize that, our children benefit.

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    Loving Your Children {Titus 2}

    October 23, 2017

    Desired Qualities of the Young Wife {Titus 2}

    Desired Qualities of the Young Wife {Titus 2}

    Desired Qualities of the Young Wife

    “to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.” (Titus 2:5, NASB)

    To be sensible and pure. KJV says, “discreet, chaste”. Discreet in Greek means to be self-controlled, wise and prudent in nature. Chaste is innocent and pure.

    “Keepers” is used in the KJV as opposed to “workers” in NASB, but in the original Greek it means staying at home, or domestic.

    I think we have a pretty good handle on the “being subject to their own husbands” part. And the part that says “so that the word of God will not be dishonored” is pretty plain, too.

    Desired Qualities of the Young Wife {Titus 2}

    So, basically, of the young woman, she is to be self-controlled, wise, prudent, staying at home, and subject to her husband. All this so that God’s word is honored.

    Self-control is easy for me. Until a Dr. Pepper shows up, then it’s gone. Or hot french fries. Or chocolate cake… okay. So my self-control needs work in the “food” department. But I think this goes a little deeper than this. This is about controlling those fleshly urges, temptations, desires. Whatever it might be that pulls us away from our husbands, and more importantly away from Jesus.

    There’s a wildly popular trilogy of books that many women read. I’ve often heard them referred to as “mommy porn” (Is that even a thing?). As wives, we worry about what our husbands watch, or the women they see. And with digital devices having internet connections so readily available, we worry about their self-control when it comes to graphic images. But what about these books? Should women subject themselves to things like romance novels? And if a man looking at a photo can cause problems, what can a novel with graphic descriptions do?

    Not only are we to have self-control, but we are to be pure. Innocent. Once again, this means stepping away from what our society considers “normal”. Are you seeing a trend here? Following Christ means deviating from what this world thinks is okay.

    The next part of the verse talks about staying home. Keeping the home? Working at home?

    I wanted to avoid this part, but seeing as how it’s Bible, I can’t.

    Keepers at home. Workers at home. Staying home, domestic. Looks like no matter how you slice it, sisters, it means women being home.


    I can tell you what I’ve learned from my own life. I worked, full time. We had baby #1, and I still worked. Baby #2, and I still worked. Shortly after baby 2 I no longer worked. And it made a huge difference in my life.

    Working outside the home still meant the home needed attending to. So not only was I working but having to keep the house clean. And laundry done. And food, well, that was often from a drive thru. Working outside the home created a lot of stress for me, because not only do I struggle with being a “good enough” wife and mother, but I had the added time crunch dilemma. Plus the stress of the job added to the stress of being a mom/wife. So I totally see how staying home is a benefit.

    However, now that I stay home, my children pretty much drive me insane all day. We’re on a pretty tight budget, so even things like a trip to the park are few and far between due to the cost of fuel. I still feel like I can never get it all done. And also feel like I need to do something to contribute to the family finances. What I can say, though, is my stress levels are much lower. And I do feel much more adequate. Not perfect, but like I’m more in my role.

    So what I’ll say about being a home keeper is this: God created us to be in certain roles, male and female. It’s why a husband whose wife makes more money usually feels emasculated, and why a wife whose husband is a stay at home dad feels guilty.

    Money. That’s the problem, right? It all boils down to this: two incomes aren’t even enough in this day and age. I know, trust me.

    Technology has its flaws, but also positives. For example, today is easier than ever to work from home. Not only can you find a job remotely, you can start a business selling goods, blogging, multi-level marketing, etc. So if you’re feeling that little tug that says it’s time to stay home, look into your options. Pray about it. God’s will should always come first in our lives, no matter what the circumstances seem like.

    The enemy wants to destroy the family. Why? Because it’s God’s design. And one way to do that is to get the parents and children apart. When the children are in the care of another or a facility, they are not learning the morals their parents would normally teach. Husbands and wives spend less time together, less time in their respective roles.

    I do not want to go too deep in this conversation, but I will say I can see the benefit to the mothers staying home, and keeping the home. I can also see how the woman being away from home can damage the family.

    So, again, if you’re working outside the home then pray about it. Ask God to show you how to fulfill His purpose for your life. Ask Him to make a way in the situation that seems impossible to you. You and your husband pray about the situation. Brainstorm ideas for how you could stay home. Maybe cut back a few bills, eat out a little less. I obviously do not know your situation, I only know my goal in all this is to help wives and mothers find their calling. And I also know it starts at home.

    The next part of the verse says to be subject to your own husbands.

    Feminism was rampant then just as it is now. There is, after all, that verse in scripture that says there’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). We, as wives, are to submit to our husbands. Even if you’re more mature spiritually, more educated, whatever the case may be. Christians are all equal in God’s eyes, so this is speaking to the role of the wife in relation to her own husband. It does not mean women submit to all men, you follow the lead of your husband. Your own husband.

    When we claim to be Christians but do not follow God’s word, we dishonor it. Perhaps this is why He calls us to be different. So that people can plainly tell those who serve God, and those who do not. But the point in this statement was to live by the word if you claim to be a Christian.

    Again, we go back to being and doing differently than what the world does. And while it might seem difficult now, it pays off in the end. To follow Jesus is the most amazing thing anyone can do, and we can never turn our backs on that.

    Desired Qualities of the Young Wife {Titus 2}

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    October 16, 2017

    Submitting to Your Husband (Saved or Not)

    Many, many times the subject of wives submitting to their husbands comes up. Whether in church, social media, or by husbands who like the idea. But we have to keep in mind that “submitting to your husband” is not a bad thing. Also, to remember that this means whether our husbands are saved or not.

    Titus 2 is pretty specific about Christian living and gives pretty clear instructions on what should be taught.

    The older women are supposed to pass along their wisdom to the younger. This instruction is to be biblical and truthful. So what are some biblical and truthful things we need teaching?

    Love your husband. “Love” in this context is the Greek word phileo and places emphasis on affection. We, as Christian wives, are to love our husbands. It’s not based on the husband’s worthiness, or how spiritual he is.

    Wives are to love their husbands, submit to their husbands, respect their husbands. Yes, husbands have specific roles, as well. They are to love, cherish, protect, provide for their wives. But we aren’t getting into that here. This is for the wife struggling to figure out her role.

    When we submit to our husband, we submit to God’s will. A lot of controversy surrounds this rule in our society. Feminism has made it seem foolish and demeaning to submit to anyone, let alone a man. But, ladies, here’s what we have to remember: we aren’t here to serve what pleases man. Our focus is not what this world thinks right. Our lives are about Jesus Christ and our service to Him. Him alone. We submit to our husbands, our husbands submit to Christ. Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father God.

    So what if my husband doesn’t submit to Jesus?

    Talk to Jesus about your husband. Pray and ask God to convict him, to save him. To draw him into a relationship with his Creator. In the meantime, you have to show him Jesus. You have to be the one making intercession for him, and showing him what a life of Christ looks like.

    My Mom got saved before my Dad. She’d go to church and he’d make fun of her. She’d come home with tear stained cheeks and he’d mock her. So she prayed. She prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more. Her prayers got so specific, she asked God to not let him sleep until he came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And you know what? It didn’t take too many restless nights before he realized he needed God.

    Submitting to your husband saved or not

    Jesus knows our hearts, and God wants to give us our desires (Psalm 37:4) when we have our heart’s in the right place.

    A saved husband is something all Christian wives should want. So, if your hubby needs some Jesus, PRAY for that man. Be an example. Show him Jesus.

    Humility is a good way to show someone you aren’t like the rest of the world. You know men talk when they’re amongst each other in the workplace. So when the unsaved husband hears tales of men whose wives won’t cook, clean, take care of the children, etc., it’ll make him think of how much he appreciates his wife and what she does. Then, he will start to wonder why she’s different. And I can tell you the answer has nothing to do with Home Economics. It has everything to do with following Jesus.

    But, you ask, my husband is saved, he’s just not the spiritual leader I need him to be. What do I do? You pray. Yes, you pray for that man.

    Chances are, someone prayed for you. Your husband needs your prayers just like you needed someone else’s. The Christian home is designed for the man to lead, the woman to be his help. Tough is the role of the woman being the head and the help. Weariness sets in quickly. Just remember this is not according to God’s plan, and your effectual fervent prayers (James 5:16) can get your husband where he needs to be.

    I can tell you from personal experience a big part of a man’s problem is his pride.

    He cannot accept help as readily as a woman, and he is not as in tune with his emotions as a woman. So readily submitting to God does not come easy.

    And cry?

    Yeah, right.

    In my own marriage, I pray for God to break my husband’s pride. And let me tell you this: if that’s a prayer you pray, then be ready to walk through a hard place with him. For my husband, crushing pride came in the form of an ankle surgery that left him non-weight bearing for 5 months, two years in a row. This meant less income. And depending on others. And it. Was. Hard.

    So know, that sometimes, the lessons God uses to teach your husband, he might need you to walk in as well. And there will come a time when he breaks, so be prepared. It’s not pretty.

    And while my husband isn’t the strongest spiritually, I can definitely see growth. I can see him learning to lean and depend on God a little more.

    I can also see the enemy working harder.

    If your husband is saved and is where he needs to be spiritually, and leading your home well, then guess what? He needs prayer. Just because he’s where he needs to now does not mean he can’t fall, or the enemy isn’t after him.

    As his wife, you should help him, and the best way to do so is to pray. Ask God to protect him from the enemy’s attacks. For strength, guidance, wisdom.

    Ladies, if you haven’t guessed it yet, the bottom line is this: you have to love your husband. Submit to him (according to the Bible) and PRAY for him. You know him better than anyone, and he can do more with your prayers than you know.

    Following God’s plan doesn’t mean we have to be out front. If you’re married, it could mean you’re the woman behind the man. Praying for him. Asking protection for him. And, in the meantime, he’s physically protecting you. Providing for you. Cherishing you.

    Wives, our jobs aren’t always glorious. Sometimes his laundry might get done without the thought of a thank you. He might come home late, get easily angered, and not want to talk like you NEED to (because toddler conversations get old) but know you are serving God when you’re obedient to His word.

    At the end of the day, that’s what’s important.



    Submitting to your husband saved or not


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    Submitting to Your Husband (Saved or Not)
    Submitting to Your Husband (Saved or Not)
    Submitting to Your Husband (Saved or Not)


    October 9, 2017

    Titus 2 for the Modern Woman

    What is a Titus 2 woman, anyway?

    You know the Proverbs 31 woman. That idea of perfect we all strive to attain. How many times have you tried to measure up?

    The book of Titus was written by the apostle Paul to Titus. The purpose of the book was to encourage a young pastor in the Lord because those around him were ungodly and trying to oppose him. The letter doesn’t delve into doctrine or establishing a solid theological foundation, rather outlines for Christian living. He instructs what the leaders need to know, and should be teaching to new converts.

    What I want to focus on, however, is not the whole book. Though it’s good – read it. But rather, I’d like to focus on the second chapter.

    The second chapter really hones in on the duties of everyone in the church. Older men, older women, young men, young women, and those serving.

    Because this book is geared toward women, and specifically the married, childbearing years, I’d like to focus on just a couple verses.

    Do you feel like there are times when you aren’t sure what’s expected of you as a Christian wife and mother? How about wishing we had some guidelines?

    In verse 3, aged women are referenced. This commonly referred to women beyond child rearing age, probably around 60 or so. So this would be those ladies in the church with white hair. Their faces marked with age, and the lines of laughter from those happy, joyous moments. Also, the lines that mark times of deep sadness, of worry, and of fervent prayer.

    Those dear women are our manual.

    Titus 2 for the Modern Woman

    Note how these women are to be: holy, truthful, sober.

    And their responsibility: to teach. Teach the younger women to love their husbands, and love their children, “to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled” (v. 5, ESV).

    The chapter goes on to detail what young men need to learn, what slaves should learn, and then that we need to stay away from worldliness and cling to the “blessed hope” of Jesus coming back one day.

    When is the last time a little, white haired, non-childbearing lady in your church offered sound advice or doctrine?

    It’s probably been awhile.


    We don’t want to hear about those kinds of things anymore, especially from someone who hasn’t had a toddler in 40 years. Don’t tell me how to love my husband. Don’t tell me how to raise my kids.

    In America, it’s become the norm to jump to social media for advice. And, when said advice isn’t what we want to hear, we jump back on there to make sure everyone knows what “so and so” said and how ridiculous it was.

    A woman was broke down in the median of a four lane highway, and my husband drove right past. I was furious! I said, “Why didn’t you stop?! What if that were me stranded?” His response shocked me. He said (paraphrased, as this was years ago) that women don’t want help from a man anymore. They think they can do it all for themselves, so he doesn’t try. And this, y’all, from a man raised in the South, okay?

    I think those little old ladies stopped trying to teach us because we stopped trying to listen. So, listen up, young ladies: it’s time to start listening again.

    When someone approaches you and offers advice, she’s probably trying to be helpful. It might not be the best advice you’ve ever received. You might not want to make little Johnny go get a switch from the backyard, or not give him anything else to eat because he didn’t like what you cooked. But they are genuinely trying to help you. They did the best they could, the best they knew how.

    And when that woman approaches you and wants to pray for you, let her. And when she gently suggests that your words be a little less harsh to husband, take heed. These women haven’t been married 50+ years because of the feminist movement. I’d also be willing to bet they didn’t always agree with 100% of what their husbands said, and they probably figured out ways to get coerce him when he’s wrong. (Don’t tell Husband I said that).

    Of course, you don’t need to take secular advice from someone who mocks God’s word. I’m not saying to listen to anyone with a microphone, either. What I am saying is this: we are to live our lives as close to Jesus as we possibly can. That means serving others. It means humility. Our lives cannot look like those of the world.

    Our marriages shouldn’t be boastful of women speaking down to their husbands. Or husbands who don’t love their wives. We need to follow the biblical standard, and it might be hard just because it’s not what everyone else is doing. But remember, we aren’t looking for an earthly reward. We are looking for that hope of Jesus coming back. Of one day, hearing those glorious words “well done”.

    If that means I need to submit to my husband then I will. If it means being home with children who drive me insane I will.

    Also know this: I am speaking of Christian marriage. Being married to an unbeliever is a little different, and he needs prayer so that he can be saved and be the man of God he needs to be for your home. I’m also not speaking of abusive relationships or those where adultery is taking place. This is, by no means, counseling. So if you ever feel unsafe or unsure of your marriage please seek CHRISTIAN counseling. Yes, that matters.

    To finish the story of the woman stranded, we ended up pulling over and helping her push her car into a nearby parking lot. The woman was in tears. She told us she had been there a while, no one willing to stop her, and her boyfriend was at least 30 minutes away. After making sure she was okay, we left. Husband agreed that men should help women, he just wished women didn’t take it as a personal insult when someone offered help.

    I guess we are so accustomed to doing it ourselves we don’t think we need help.

    No, I’m not that little old lady who has weathered the storms of life. My children are small, and my marriage is still pretty new. So I cannot impart wisdom through life’s experiences.

    Here’s what I can say: I’m stepping into a role God has called me to. And while it might not be what I had planned, or even what I want to do, I know He called me to minister to others. And if He called me, He will equip me (Hebrews 13:21). I’m praying about this as I write because I don’t want this to be about me. I want God to use me to help someone. I also pray He equips you to do what He called you to do as well.

    Titus 2 for the Modern Woman

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    October 2, 2017