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Bible Study Resources

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 Hands down my favorite Bible study. When Angie Smith says she connects the events of the Bible with one seamless thread, she’s not kidding. This study helped me to see the Bible as one clear picture, not a bunch of stories put together.






 I never thought of the book of Joshua helping prepare women for their calling, but this study changed that for me. Heather Dixon does an amazing job of weaving the events of Joshua into a beautiful story that helps us realize that we need to get ready for what God’s calling us to do. And, no matter the circumstances, we have to have faith in Him.





 You know I can’t do a resource list without involving Priscilla Shirer 😉 She has several studies, but this one digs in to, you guessed it, the Armor of God. What it is, how we apply it, etc. It really made me think more about this life being a spiritual battle. And, rather than being afraid, taking up my armor and walking in the path God leads.





My favorite Bible, besides the good ol’ KJV. I love the MacArthur commentary, as it gives cultural and historical context to make the Bible make more sense. It’s not a lot of his opinion and what he thinks God meant to say.






Bible Study Resources

October 11, 2017
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