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Hey! My name is Jillian Rogers, and I’m a Jesus loving wife and mama.

I wish I could tell you I’m a perfect Christian, but I’m most certainly not. Nor am I a perfect wife or mother. But I’m working on improving, and I’d love to share what I learn with you!

This blog is about my journey. My journey to grow in grace, to find my faith (again) and to relearn love. I hope, that through my many mistakes, I am able to help you. To encourage and inspire you to grow in your faith.

My goal is to use my blog as a ministry. To help you overcome those daily obstacles with a little grace. Reminding you that none of us are perfect, but we strive toward something better. To hopefully encourage you on this journey we call life, sparking a little Jesus in there somewhere. I’ve walked some hard places and I want to help others in the same situation. Even better, I’d like to prevent you from making the same mistakes I did.

This photo is of my Nanny and me.

I use this in my “About Me” because I want to remind myself about the person I am trying to become. My Nanny went on to heaven in May of 2016. By and large, the hardest loss I have ever experienced. And I know as a Christian we are to be Christ like, but I think the greatest example God allowed me to have was this strong woman of faith.

She didn’t flaunt that she was a great Christian, and she didn’t need to. It was in a hug she gave with a whisper that everything would be okay. Or stopping to pray with someone whenever, wherever, because if you needed prayer, she was going to handle it. It was a tug at the skirt hem or shirt top when it needed to cover a little more. She embodied the Titus woman that our culture has lost.

She inspired me and still does because she made it home and I know that’s where I want to go.

Her last words to me were to pray with my boys and to teach them how to pray.

I want to make an impact, not so that people will look at me and think I’m great. I want people to see a light, the light of Jesus, and that He shines through me. At the end of the day, it’s all about Him.

What’s important to me is that you find something here that strengthens your relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether it be needing (or giving) grace, finding the faith you lost or learning how to love the right way, I want to help you.

So, you’ll find a whole lot about Jesus. Not so much the awesome recipes or DIY projects, but hey. Hopefully, you’ll get something from it 🙂

June 21, 2017
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