3 Reasons You Should Not Get Pureflix

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You know the drill. You just finished your current show on Netflix. So, naturally, you go to Facebook asking for suggestions on what to watch next. And even though you specifically mention you don’t want to watch anything profane, you’ll still get the suggestions for the “hilarious” show full of vulgarity. Or the one that doesn’t have much cussing, but you certainly can’t watch with your kids around because the women don’t have clothes on. We won’t even talk about what they’re doing.

The search continues, as you start and stop no less than 5 series, to realize it’s just too much. The storyline might be amazing, but the language makes you cringe. Or the language is okay, except the nudity should really be censored. Seriously. TV-MA is really a signal for, “hey, you’ll be closing your eyes half the time”.

3 Reasons You Should Not Get Pureflix
Can you tell I’ve been there?

So after seeing a lot of Facebook ads and links to something called Pureflix I decided to give it a shot. After all, it’s $10.99 per month (the same price as 2 screens of Netflix) and you get one month free. But before sharing it with you, I wanted to give it a fair shot and see 1. if I really liked it and 2. if I thought you would like it.


So, I’ve come up with 3 Reasons You Should Not Get Pureflix:

  1. You’re okay with profanity.

    Not everyone is the same, and not every Christian feels the same way about this Christian walk. Philippians 2:12 reminds us that not everything is the same for everyone, we have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. And this is not meant to be condemning at all. I know some people who say they hear foul language in the workplace, so it’s nothing new to them. Others fast forward through the “bad” parts of shows and movies. But here’s what changed my mind about all that: my sons see what comes on my tv. And the roles women play and the way people talk is not the lifestyle I want to be portrayed for my children. When my 2 year old uses a word we don’t use, I know it came from the tv. I also know I’d rather him not use profanity. Especially at 2. This leads me to my second point:

  2. You don’t mind what your kids watch.

    Children are so impressionable. And just because you don’t talk a certain way doesn’t mean they won’t pick up on what’s happening on the screen. More than just violence, they pick up on the language, “adult situations” and more. We have to protect those little minds where we can. And, sure, sometimes we’re given an opportunity to discuss and start conversations about God and having a relationship with His son Jesus. But I’d rather explain creation vs. evolution than to have to explain why two people are doing… whatever it is they’re doing…

  3. You don’t have a reason for educational shows (for parents AND kids).

    Yes, other services offer educational programs. I’m going full confession here and telling you “Super Why” is how my oldest learned phonics and numbers… I can’t take credit for that. But, Pureflix offers a lot of programming geared toward homeschooling. And I like that I can walk away from the tv and not worry about censoring what the kids are seeing or being taught. They also have series by Dr. Randy Carlson who has amazing insight and advice for married couples. Christian advice, at that. Not to mention the occasional exercise program (I can’t tell you anything about those).

Now, hear me out.

I am NOT telling you I love every program on Pureflix. I certainly don’t. I’ve stopped a lot of them because the acting was terrible, or the editing was terrible, or the story seemed too cheesy. So I’m not saying you’re going to love everything on there. But I also know Hollywood has a lot more money to throw into their productions. And I know (not trying to go all “super Christian” here) that the enemy loves nothing more than for us to watch grimy shows with questionable content.

But, if you’re anything like me, you’ve grown tired of having to censor so much. Of feeling conviction for watching whatever someone recommended. And while I don’t plan on canceling Netflix, I do intend to keep Pureflix.

The user interface is not fancy, and I’d like for them to add in a “because you watched this, you might be interested in that” kind of feature. It’d save a lot of time searching through movies.

If you’d like to try Pureflix (one month free) you can sign-up today. Cancel anytime (legit).

Have you tried Pureflix? What did you think about it?


3 Reasons You Should Not Get Pureflix



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October 11, 2017
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