10 Tips for Getting Motivated

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10 Tips for Getting Motivated

This is probably to me more than anyone.

10 Tips for Getting Motivated

I seem to have lost all motivation. Gone. Not like depression where I lay in bed all day, but a “funk” where I just don’t feel like doing anything. Do you have those days?

As much as I hate to admit it, I have these days often. I don’t know if it’s because I have 2 littles with a 3rd on the way, the Florida heat, or just a phase. But I’m seriously tired of it. Laundry piles up. Dishes sit in the sink. Netflix is playing “Moana” – A LOT. You’re welcome.

I decided, though I’m really not feeling it, to write a post to help with those days when you just aren’t feeling it. When all your motivation is gone, sometimes you have to just push through. Because, let’s be real, moms don’t get sick days. Or vacations. Or “personal time” whatever in the world that is.

Where’s your motivation?

No matter the reason, you had some gumption and now it’s gone. Where? Some possible reasons are:

  • Your daily routine changed drastically
  • Something changed in the home, maybe a move, a relative staying long-term, new baby, etc.
  • Health reasons, or recovery from recent health problems
  • S T R E S S
  • many, MANY other factors…

If you pinpoint the source maybe then you can adjust and tackle the problem head on. But sometimes, the problem isn’t easily seen. Or could go deeper.

How to keep on keepin’ on!

So you don’t really feel like doing anything, but let’s get real. Mom’s don’t have the opportunity to quit. Much as my husband helps out when he gets home from work, there’s still so much that has to be done during the day. The littles need to be fed (all the time!), chickens need out of the pen, dinner started ($5 pizzas get old quick). I found there are a few things to help on those days when I know I have to push.

  1. Read your Bible. I’m not saying start an in-depth study on hermeneutics. Just read a verse or two. Often, connecting with God and His word helps me to refocus and to get me feeling more together. (Galatians 6:9, Proverbs 16:3, Psalm 55:22).
  2. Listen to some good tunes. I don’t listen to secular music much anymore. But, if I’m trying to quick clean, or power through a load of laundry, I might just crank up some Skynyrd and have at it. In my earbuds, of course. But, this is also a great opportunity to turn Pandora to a worship station and use these moments as times to pray and reflect.
  3. Exercise. Just kidding, I don’t exercise. But other people say it works.
  4. Essential oils. Y’all. I am a believer. Yep. Look for a synergistic blend that helps with mood and energy and you’ll be amazed at that that little puff of diffuser steam can do!
  5. Get caffeinated. Not much in life is better than a good cup of coffee. Sometimes we just need a little boost of the magical beans to get us going.
  6. Wear something productive. So if you work away from home this probably already happens for you. But if you work from home or stay home, the temptation to don those wonderful yoga pants is overwhelming. Try wearing real clothes (ugh, yes, I know). Maybe even toss on a little make-up. Who knows? Feeling better about yourself might make you feel more like doing something. Because I know me, and if elastic is what’s on my waist then chances are I’ll do nothing productive. (Thank you, bloggers who have 1,000,000 slow cooker recipes!)
  7. Set a timer. Need to clean up? Set your timer for 15 minutes and speed clean for those minutes. You’d be amazed at that a neater looking home can do.
  8. Turn off the TV. I’m bad to get hooked on a show and binge watch until the very end. It’s for this reason I won’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. There’s too many seasons, I’d be useless for months! (Or weeks…)
  9. Go outside. Unless you live in Florida in which case stay in. Seriously, though, a breath of fresh air can help you feel better.
  10. Put your phone down. Facebook is my biggest time suck. I sit and scroll, then start searching people. Or see a controversial topic and start reading comments. So much time I waste, and since I’m fairly certain brain cells are depleted in the process I’m certainly not motivated to do anything productive after that.


You don’t have to do it all…

Sometimes we place too much on ourselves and begin to feel overwhelmed and bogged down. So stop thinking you’re going to get everything done in one day. When you break down chores into achievable sections, you’ll see a lot more accomplished. And when you get something done, you’re more likely to continue.

How about you? What helps you to get going on those “blah” days?

10 Tips for Getting Motivated

July 31, 2017
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